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My notebooks are several because I rely on having one handy when inspiration pops into my head at any time. You can buy notebooks really from any stationery supplies store. White paper. Ruled or non-ruled, it doesn’t matter, as long as I have somewhere to jot down my venturesome thoughts of the day. I’m an obsessive note-taker and fill pages to the margins with to worldbuilding, character and story plotting ideas, pages with studying from my creative writing courses, and ideas for blog posts on this – my author blog. I usually go through so many notebooks, I sometimes forget where I even put them. Here are some of my favourite ones I managed to unearth from my bookcase and several random handbags.

Did you see the spine on these babies? Paperblacks make the most stunning notebooks I have ever seen. They are also quite affordable for the high quality make and you can buy them from Rymans in an array of stunning colours and designs. Paperblacks’ tagline is ‘shimmering delights’ – and rightfully so! All they hardback notebooks sparkles, shimmer and glisten from every angle with gold and silver all over. The spine looks like an elegant antique vintage book, perfect to display anywhere on your bookcase. What I love – as a lover of the written word – is that each notebook tells a story. The one I have goes as follows:

Cotton Candy

We present our Shimmering Delights journal in the colours of confectionery, specifically the delicious hues of macaron. Pointelle, one of the prettiest off the decorative arts, combines perfectly qith the colours of these delectable desserts for small appetites. This technique of using feather-light punched dots creates a delicate pattern shown off to complement the effect against our pastel cover. 

This delicious journal, which recreates a 1709 binding from Zurich, Switzerland, will produce a shiver of delight to anyone who uses it. Not only that, but it just may cause writers, note-takers and world-watchers aline to develop a strange yearning for someothing sweet. 

I have to confess it is such a delicious notebook!

A few years ago my mother, who works in Harrods, bought me a tanned leather diary cover. I used up the pages in days – I absolutely loved it! The wonderful thing about this diary cover, not only is it beautifully embosed with the Harrods logo, it has wonderful stitching to it and… it is removable. Yes, so that means I have bought cheap and simples notebooks over the years which I insert into this beautiful cover. Good as new!

If like me you adore Art Deco design then you will love these notebooks sold by Robert Frederick. They are designs by the very talented Claire Coxon which I fell in love with due to their intricate design, elegant fashionable look and beautiful feminine colour palettes.

My last notebook is inside my mini pocket diary. I have used my mini filofax for years and the wonderful thing about Filofax products is that they come in many sizes suiting all lifestyles – me, I like mine handbag friendly – and they come in beautiful colours and designs for every taste. Filofax make premium handmade leather goods and if you love luxury lifestyle products like me this is definitely a top choice for you. What’s more, because of their premium quality and the ability to refill your filofax with new pages every year, you get to keep you lovely leather diary forever and not throw them in landfills every year!

I am intrigued to find out what your go-to notebooks are? Where do you buy them from?

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