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I spend more and more time at my desk these days, especially since Covid hit this year and even more so when I decided to leave my job in September to become a full time writer. I live at my desk – which in fact is our dining room table with my laptop on it. I do everything here from preparing the taxes to working on my fantasy fiction novel. Because of this, my workspace is constantly changing. For most, clutter is challenging, though I thrive in creative chaos! Though that is not to say that I do not hold some quality items by my side to help me through life, apart from my trusty laptop.

Coffee – I can not function without my morning caffeine fix. I make a luxurious blend of coffee from coffeelink – I prefer the sweet taste of the Brazilian coffee taste myself – in my pink smeg 50’s style espresso coffee machine and will never go without my trusty map of the world blue enamel mug from Waterstone’s which I bought myself as a very early Christmas present this year. And, since we are a geeky-couple, I bought my husband the the Gift Republic Space Astronomia enamel mug!

A little backstory about our mugs is that I am a huge fantasy-lover while my husband prefers to be the sci-fi-geek. So, in miniature wargaming I would go for Warhammer Age of Sigmar while he would go for Warhammer 40k. In the world of graphic novels we would head over to Forbidden Planet and I would buy Monstress and Lady Mechanika whereas he would prefer Metabarons. Catch my drift?

Therefore, it is fitting that my cup is a vintage style map of the earth reminiscent of Tolkien’s Middle Earth, and his cup is a boldly coloured planetary system reminiscent of a sci-fi Star Wars world.

As an aspiring author I can not start my #authorlife without my two best friends, Stephen King and Terry Pratchett – if you are expecting me to put in a word for you to meet the boys, you’ll be waiting for an etertiny. I admit, what I actually mean is that I can’t endeavour to go on my writer’s journey without their author life stories, their experiences, tips, tricks and advice.

In the modern age of Technology, where the virtual possibilities are endless, people tend to assume that all writers do their all the important work on their laptop. You wouldn’t be wrong in assuming so for most authors, but for some like me, I prefer to brainstorm and world-build using good old-fashioned pen and notebook. Funnily, I have a go-to pen and I can not work without it – so no you can not just pass me any old pen. I work religiously with my staedtler noris stick when I take notes as it is the only pen that works for me, ergonomically speaking.

I wonder what’s on your desk at home? Whether you are a writer yourself or an avid book reader, or even someone casually strolling by to read my blog – tell me, I am intrigued.

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