Ariel’s Fate


The main characters in this short story are Ariel and Eric from The Little Mermaid. Ariel yearns for adventure, to be independent and to be part of the exciting human world outside the ocean that promises her adventure! Eric is a prince and a sea captain, a voyager of the seas who also strives for adventures. They both want to fall in love; Ariel falls in love with Eric a human prince. Eric isn’t easily excited by the prospect of marriage but falls in love with the charming Ariel who is beautiful, gentle, and kind, and is the Princess of the Mer-people, daughter of King Triton of the Underwater world!

This is a retelling of The Little Mermaid, a scene with a mysterious new character.


The flutist prances, bellowing a merry tune, like the Pied Piper with his magical musical powers, mesmerising the jolly sailors on the deck of the ‘Fate’ as they sail off into the sunset, celebrating their brave victory over the evil octopus witch, Ursula.

Ariel and Eric sway rhythmically as their joyous laughs fill the air like echoes of thunder upon the clouds.

“let’s eat; we have danced for hours!”, gasps Ariel.

At the Captain’s table, a young woman with a golden crown matching her goldilocks hair beams, “Eric darling, come sit with me!”

Ariel suddenly loses her appetite as she witnesses Eric’s eagerness. He was bewitched by the evil Ursula before so his uncomrpomising naivety annoyed her. Is this another witch stealing him away?

She has only been part of his world for a few days; at dinner with Eric’s father last night she used a fork as a hairbrush! Her inexperience is embarrassing! How could she complete? Especially, with this golden-haired princess. He seemed to be at her beckon call already.

The mysterious princess whispers to Eric as Ariel pretends not to desperately eavesdrop while trying to ignore their intimate interaction. It’s like they have known each other forever!

After what feels like an eternity a majestic melody fills the air by the violinist elegantly perched on a stool. Ariel is overcome by intense senses, like magical waves flowing through her. As she stands, she notices Eric touch the other woman’s hand affectionately.

Ariel elevates herself elegantly like a swan taking flight, her tiptoes barely touching the surface. Her new legs serve her well, a gift she acquired from her father, King Triton who granted her wish to become human. She dances like a barefoot prima ballerina her fiery-red hair flowing across the skies as it blends into the ember sunset. She catches Eric’s attention, but is too overcome by the music to realise.

She bows to her finale, her blue dress floating down into a cloud around her where she sits. As Ariel lifts her head, the golden-haired princess peers into view sitting in a wheelchair.

“Ariel, my brother never told me what a beautiful dancer you are!”

“Elena used to be a ballerina before… “, Eric pauses, “Before I lost the senses in my legs”, Princess Elena sighs, “dancing is my life. Without it I have nothing”.

Ariel feels like a fool.

A lightbulb moment overcomes her, like an eager child, she thrusts Elena to the bow, the prime place to view the vast calm seas spreading into the horizon.

“You can have EVERYTHING!”, Ariel claps like an excited little schoolgirl. That’s what Eric fell in love with. Her childlike innocence.

“A mermaid doesn’t need legs! My father, the Mer-King can grant you the wish to become a mermaid!”


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