Fatal Slumber

It seems almost too decadent to find herself aboard the Princess Anne, sailing across the ocean. Though, she’s aware she can’t pretend to be elegant Mrs Marvel for long, as she came to realise only hours later when Lydia found herself covered in filthy soot in the bowels of the ship.

She mustn’t get caught if she has any hope to find the skull-key. Without it, she would be trapped in her memory, left to die in the eternity of her own mind. Footsteps draw nearer, the only way out is to play a trick; she scours the kitchen, seeing a carrot and a knife on a chopping board, she flings on an apron and starts chopping away. The police roar through, pots crashing to the floor as they’re knocked over.

They would be back. She turns on the gas appliance, lights a fire, and hears it explode as she sprints out into a maze of corridors. Frantically turning corners, she finds the sailors’ quarters, bunkbeds laid in rows. She sifts through them until she finds the dog-tag: ‘Tiger Jones’ with the skull-key, exactly as Captain Rockerfella disclosed to the sweet, seductive widow, Mrs Marvel.

Sirens blare, the seawater rising in the hold. She must move fast before she drowns in her own memory! Ducking through corridors, she finds the storage room, pushing over cases like a raging monster, until she reveals the crow in the cage. In it’s claws the rings she needs to escape.

‘Hey you!’, she leaps in surprise, dropping the key.

She breaths deep, diving after it, as the policeman splashes over. They struggle underwater, he manages to snap one handcuff in place. As she kicks in fear believing this is the end, her foot topples a heavy basket, that crashes down on him. One arm handcuffed and the other extended, she opens the cage.

‘Click’, the crow flies out onto the top shelf, unable to reach, Lydia gasps sure of her death.

Suddenly, through tearful eyes she sees the crow pecking at the lock, handcuff clicking open.

As she wears the rings – she awakens.

Oh, Delilah!


A Woman’s Scent

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Maya Angelou

Games Writing

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