Golden Halo

First Person Narrative 

I hold my husband’s hand as we walk side by side. It  feels warm to the touch. Such a perfect feeling on this cold winter’s day. Above our head all around I see warm glistening lights, Christmas decorations flashing golden against the dark London sky. I look down at the cobblestones below my feet, mesmerised by the golden glisten from the reflection of the christmas lights above us. I suddenly realised that we would not be so lucky to enjoy the Christmas Decorations were it not for the quiet streets of London due to everyone being on lockdown from the pandemic. I feel lucky for this rare occasion. I struggle a little tripping along the cobbled pathway, and he tightens his grip so I don’t fall as I let out a giggle. I feel so clumsy but he just gives me a warm smile and we head on merrily on our way. 

My thoughts drift away in the quietness that blankets us. I take in the sight in all it’s majestic glory, making sure to live in this moment, here in our beautiful silence. I spot Club Monaco and hover past my reflection in the shop window, momentarily glancing at the clothes inside. I love this boutique! And just across the road I see the Monmouth kitchen. For a moment I recollect that summer’s day last year when we sat in the warm sun outside to take the pressure off our feet after walking and shopping all day. That was such a fun day; though Gus complained about it even more so because he paid for everything, he endured the fact that I am a shopaholic for one day!

I snap out of my daydream state as I am blinded by a crescendo of bright lights cascading above us. A giant golden halo in direct view leaves me speechless. Though I made the conscious decision during the lockdown to disconnect from social media and ‘enjoy real life’ – as I like to think of it – away from virtual distractions, this was a moment I had to document. My thumb itches as I put my hand in my bag and excitedly pulled out my phone to take a picture of us together, here and now. ‘Smile’! 

Third Person Omniscient Narrative

The streets are truly paved in gold in London, especially around this time of the year. Shimmering warm lights decorate the pathway as a couple tread merrily along in the quiet West End district, hand-in-hand enjoying each other’s company on this cold winter’s day. The Christmas lights flash bright like precious gold glistening against the dark blanket of the London skyline. The cobblestones on the pathway, so slick and shiny, reflect the golden glistening from the christmas lights above. Yes, the streets are truly paved in gold. The couple, Mary and Gus, decided one festive night to go on an adventure. They thought, since it’s the pandemic, everyone would be home quietly during the holidays on lockdown. And they were very right. This was a rare occasion when they would be able to enjoy the Christmas Lights in all their glory in the quiet streets of Covent Garden and Seven Dials. Mary trips along, giggling merrily as Gus lovingly takes hold of her hand to make sure she doesn’t fall.  

Mary turns her attention to the stark quietness blanketing her and her husband. Such moments in London are so rare, the lack of noise, no hustle and bustle, just stillness. She is so caught up in this feeling she forgets herself as she puts one foot in front of the other while taking in the sights; Her favourite boutique ‘Club Monaco’ on her left and just opposite the Monmouth Kitchen. She recollects last summer when she and Gus sat outside in a sunshine filled spot watching the passers-by while sipping on their espresso’s, resting their feet after their long summer’s day walk and a bit of a cheeky shopping spree, to Gus’ vexation.

The couple reach the heart of Seven Dials, standing in front of the Cambridge Theatre. Opposite, the LUMAS Gallery, where only just last week they were admiring the works of Sebastian Magnani depicting a dark image of Batman drowning  his woes at the bottom of a glass of Whiskey, while they waited for their Uber to arrive after a daylight walk around the district. It was that day when they decided on tonight’s adventure; a week later, on the night of Gus’ birthday they would revisit to explore London by night and enjoy the Christmas Lights.

As Mary and Gus stood there, a giant halo shone blindingly bright  in a crescendo of lights cascading above them. Though the lockdown had sent Mary into a spiral of anxiety and depression, which led her to disconnect from all social media and any virtual interactions, she felt that this one moment she needed to document. I mean, would you be able to help yourself from taking a picture of this glorious spectacle of lights? Could you walk away without feeling that itch to capture this moment forever? Mary grabs hold of Gus, positioning them perfectly to create an ethereal halo of lights above their head. ‘Smile!’, she says as she snaps a selfie of the two of them. The perfect angelic christmas snap!

Clocktower Whisperer

Love, Lucy

Fatal Slumber

“A “It’s none of their business that you have to learn how to write. Let them think you were born that way.”

Ernest Hemingway

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