Oh, Delilah!

Eyes wide open, I cast back to the moment my pickup went crashing into the Old Oak tree. (A) Delilah’s body had to be transferred through the portal before midnight if it were to reunite with her soul. (B) Since fleeing Bradbrook, I drove all night never looking back, the Soul Reaper hot on my track. He had cast a barrier spell on the town border, but with the Prayer Weaver’s cloaking potion I was able to escape, undetected. If he gets hold of her body, her soul would be lost forever to the hollows. (D) Reaching Ferngully, I push pedal to the floor, pulse rising, heart pounding, as time runs out. I clock onto the time, it’s now 11:57pm. I had to get her body to the portal inside the Old Oak, and fast! There it was, just in sight. Suddenly, getting so close, the Soul Reaper appears in my view, and I swerve out of control, narrowly missing him. The impact was so heavy, I passed out instantly. Blood gushing, violently. (C) As I awake at Arden hospital, I come to a stark realisation, looking down at my body in the morgue. I failed her. Then, I feel her hand touching mine. (E)

Fatal Slumber


A Woman’s Scent

“Tears are words that need to be written.”

Paulo Coelho

Games Writing

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